The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements on the Market: The Top 6 Choices for 2020

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Low testosterone levels can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, such as sleep problems, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat, and low energy levels. Fortunately, there are products out there that boost testosterone levels to avoid these negative side effects.

The 6 best testosterone boosters on the market in 2020 are available over the counter and can boost your fitness and energy levels so you can feel young and strong again.

Ranked #1: TestoGen

Ranked #2: Prime Male

Ranked #3: Super Test Testosterone Booster by BEAST Sports Nutrition

Ranked #4: Test X180 by Force Factor

Ranked #5: Test HD by MuscleTech

Ranked #6: Vintage Boost Testosterone Booster

#1. Testogen

Testogen is among the six best testosterone boosters on the market in 2020. This product is suitable for adult males aged 18 and older and can help with symptoms of low testosterone. It is a natural product containing vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Ingredients in Testogen

The makers of Testogen have been transparent about the ingredients in their product. It contains magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin K1, D-aspartic acid, nettle leaf extract, red ginseng extract, fenugreek extract, boron, and bioperine.

A major advantage of these ingredients is that scientists have studied their effects. For instance, one study showed that D-aspartic acid promoted testosterone release, and another found that fenugreek extract boosted libido.

Pros & Cons of Testogen

As with any product, there are both advantages and disadvantages to Testogen.

Users report feeling more energetic and focused within a few days of starting the product.Some people have stated they experience no benefits with Testogen.
Reviews indicate that improved sleep and increased sex drive are common when taking Testogen.The product may not work for everyone.
Some customers state they can lift heavier weights when using Testogen. 
Users indicate they experience harder erections with the product. 
Overall, many reviews indicate that Testogen does what it promises to do. 
Research-Backed Ingredients 
100% Natural Ingredients to Limit Side Effects 

While Testogen may not work for everyone, many users report positive reviews, and there are numerous advantages with this product. Given the number of pros of Testogen, it is easy to understand why this is among the best testosterone boosters on the market this year.

Testogen Dosage

A bottle of Testogen contains 120 capsules, and one daily dosage is 4 capsules, so each bottle contains a one-month supply of the product. The product’s makers recommend that users take a dose each morning.

Product Support

For those looking for professional support while using Testogen products, the company has a blog on its website with nutrition and workout advice, as well as information on the latest research on how to boost testosterone levels naturally. Customer support is available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and users who have questions are also able to submit email requests to receive support.

Cost of Testogen

Testogen is currently available for $60 for a one-month supply of 120 pills. The company is offering a discount for a 3-month supply, with the option to purchase for $120, using a deal that comes with one-month free with the purchase of a two-month supply. A deal that includes a three-month supply plus two months’ worth of free product currently runs $180. Customers can combine this deal with a one-month purchase in order to obtain six months of product for just $240, or the low cost of $40 per month!

Where to buy?

Testogen is available directly from the manufacturer’s website at The product is also available on Amazon, but the cost is higher from this retailer.

#2. Prime Male

Also named as one of the best testosterone boosters on the market, Prime Male is marketed to men 30 and older who are suffering from the natural decline in testosterone levels that comes with age. This product promises to reduce belly fat, improve mood, build muscle, enhance libido, elevate energy, and improve mental functioning.

Ingredients in Prime Male

Prime Male is set apart from the competition because it contains 12 specific ingredients reported to boost testosterone levels. In fact, it is the only testosterone booster on the market that contains all of these particular ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Biperine
  • Boron
  • Red Ginseng Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Luteolin
  • Magnesium
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K3
  • Zinc

Pros & Cons of Prime Male

Users report significantly improved sex life with Prime Male.The cost seems high compared to some other testosterone boosters.
Reviews state that effects can be seen in as little as two weeks.Limited customer support
People have achieved weight loss and physique goals with the product.
Users report increased energy, improved sleep, and better endurance when using Prime Male.

Most reviews of Prime Male are positive, and aside from cost, it is difficult to find cons or negative reviews of the product, aside from the fact that the company website does not list a phone number where users can reach customer support. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident in their product that they will refund purchases if users do not see results within 90 days.

Prime Male Dosage

A daily dosage of Prime Male is four pills, but the dosing regimen differs from Testogen. Prime Male users take one pill four times per day with food.

Product Support

Prime Male’s customer support department takes questions via email form submission only. They ask that customers first review frequently-asked questions before emailing the support department.

Cost of Prime Male

Prime Male is currently available for $69 for a one-month supply. The company also offers a two-month supply for $138 and a four-month supply for $207. A six-month supply is available for $276, via a deal that offers two boxes of the product free of cost with the purchase of four boxes at regular price.

Where to Buy?

Prime Male is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website. It can be found at

Super Test Testosterone Booster by BEAST Sports Nutrition

Marketed by BEAST Sports Nutrition, Super Test is another top testosterone booster of 2020, and the company promises that this product will boost testosterone and enhance the male physique. The product is not just a testosterone booster; it also contains nitric oxide in order to enhance performance during workouts.

Product Ingredients

The ingredients of Super Test Testosterone Booster by BEAST Sports Nutrition differ from some of those seen in the other top testosterone boosters on the market. They include the following: vitamin B6, zinc, fenugreek, ashwagandha, tribulus extract, amgatine sulfate, Japanese knotweed, cranberry extract, stinging nettle, and pumpkin seed oil.

The ingredients in the product seem to be well-researched, and BEAST Sports Nutrition discusses the research behind each ingredient on its website. For instance, the product’s makers provide information about a study that showed that ashwagandha increased testosterone production and reduced cortisol. They also cite a study that found that fenugreek boosted testosterone levels in men.

 Pros & Cons of Super Test Testosterone Booster

Users state that the product increases their sex drive.Some users report that the product doesn’t work, and it makes them moody.
Customers report increased energy levels.Some people experience side effects, such as hair falling out, when using the product.
Reviews indicate that people experience improved workouts with Super Test.Some users complain about the smell of the capsules.

While there are some cons associated with Super Test from BEAST Sports Nutrition, it is still a top testosterone booster. Many users indicate that it improves symptoms associated with low testosterone such as lack of energy and sex drive. In addition, side effects seem to be rare.

Super Test  Dosage

The recommended daily dose of Super Test is four capsules. Each bottle contains 180.

Product Support

BEAST Sports Nutrition offers an email contact form on the company website, as well as a phone number where customers can contact the company for support.

Cost of Super Test

On the company website, Super Test is available in a bottle containing 45 servings for just $45. This means that a one-month supply is under $45. A three-month supply would require two bottles and a cost of $90, whereas a six-month supply would run $180. Interestingly, these are the prices for those who order from Amazon. The product is more expensive on the manufacturer’s website, with current prices set at $50 for a bottle containing 180 capsules.  

Where to Buy?

Those who are interested in Super Test can find the product both at Amazon and from the company’s website,

Test X180 by Force Factor

Force Factor, the makers of Test X180, promote this product as a male vitality supplement. They promise that it can increase muscle mass, boost sex drive, and improve physical performance.

Product Ingredients

Test X180 contains vitamin D, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6, in addition to a “lean muscle matrix.” This matrix consists of Testofen fenugreek extract, cordyceps sinensis, Eleutherococcus senticosus extract, tribulus terrestris, and Panox ginseng extract.

Pros & Cons of Test X180.  

Product users state that Test X180 increases their energy levels.Some reviews indicate that there are no benefits with this product.
People report increased stamina and strength when using the product.Some users report feeling more tired after using Test X180.
Users indicate that they do not experience any side effects with Test X180.There may be an unpleasant aftertaste associated with this product.
The product is available via multiple retailers, so customers can find it easily and expect competitive pricing. 

While many users report that Test X180 delivers its promised benefits, others state that it does not work for them. Test X10 is still a popular testosterone booster, and it is available for reasonable prices.

Test X180 Dosage

The recommended daily dose of Test X180 is two pills. On workout days, users take one pill with breakfast and another 30 minutes prior to exercise. On non-workout days, one tablet is taken with breakfast, and the second with lunch. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is equivalent to a one-month supply.

Product Support

The company Force Factor produces Test X180 and offers its products for sale at various retailers. To receive product support, users must contact Force Factor at a number provided on the company website,

Cost of Test X180

Given the fact that Test X180 is available for purchase in multiple retail locations, pricing can vary. For example, GNC offers a one-month supply, or one bottle, for $59.99. At Vitamin Shoppe, a bottle is $51.99, and customers can enjoy a 10 percent discount if they subscribe to receive the product monthly. Rite Aid offers Test X180 for $47.99, and at Amazon and Walgreens, it is available for as low as $30 for a one-month supply. Pricing can vary based upon sales and discounts, and the three-month and six-month cost is also variable.

Where to Buy?

Test X180 is available at a variety of locations, including health and nutrition retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, as well as drugstores and online via Amazon.

Test HD by MuscleTech

Test HD by Muscle Tech is another one of the top testosterone boosters on the market in 2020. Like other products on the market, it boosts testosterone levels naturally, and the makers report that no post-cycle therapy is necessary.

Product Ingredients

Test HD contains some of the same ingredients of other top testosterone boosters, but it also has some unique ingredients. It consists of zinc, calcium, Tribulus extract, shilajit, boron, broccoli powder, stinging nettle, and velvet bean. According to the maker’s website, research has shown that boron can increase testosterone levels in just seven days, and one study found that shilajit boosted testosterone levels after three months.

Pros & Cons of Test HD 

Most product users rate Test HD favorably, giving it 4 or 5 stars.Some users state that the product does not work for them.
Users state that it is easier to lose weight when taking Test HD.Some people who have purchased Test HD from Amazon instead of from the manufacturer’s website state that they have gotten a “knock off” product instead of genuine Test HD.
People report increased sexual arousal and higher energy levels with Test HD. 
Customers state that they experience increased strength and their workouts are improved with Test HD. 
The product contains research-backed ingredients for a relatively low cost. 

Test X180 may not work for everyone and may seem lower quality given its cheap cost compared to the other best testosterone boosters on the market, but a majority of users give it four and five-star reviews.

Test HD Dosage

A daily dose of the product is two pills, one taken in the morning, and one in the afternoon. On workout days, users take the product in the morning and 30 minutes before exercising.

Product Support

Muscle Tech offers customer support via its website. Users can email the company directly with questions or fill out an email form on Muscle Tech’s website.

Cost of Test HD

Test HD is available at several retailers, and the price seems to vary considerably. For instance, a bottle containing 90 pills, which is a 45-day supply, costs $40 directly from Muscle Tech’s website, but as much as $75 at Vitamin Shoppe. Amazon Prime offers the same size bottle for $16.70. Given these prices, a three-month supply directly from the manufacturer runs $80, whereas a six-month supply is $160.

Where to Buy?

Customers can purchase Test HD directly from Muscle Tech’s website. It is also available at Amazon, Kroger, and Vitamin Shoppe. Pricing tends to vary among retailers, with Amazon seeming to have the best deals.

Vintage Boost Testosterone Booster by Old School

Rounding out the list of the best testosterone booster on the market is Vintage Boost by Old School. The makers promise that their product will improve muscle strength and accelerate recovery from exercise.

Product Ingredients

Vintage Boost contains many of the same ingredients included in other top testosterone boosters. It is made of vitamin D3, vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, D-aspartic acid, shilajit extract, Tribulus fruit extract, and maca root powder.

Pros & Cons of Vintage Boost 

Most users give the product a 5-star review.Some customers indicate that they feel groggy and bloated with this product.
Users report results within 1 week.Some people indicate they experience no benefits when using Vintage Boost.
Customers indicate that they experience increased energy and improved sleep quality with Vintage Boost. 
Reviews indicate that people notice improved stamina during workouts. 

Vintage Boost receives mostly five-star ratings, but some people do not notice any difference with this testosterone booster, so it may not work for everyone.

Vintage Boost Dosage

Vintage Boost follows a different dosing pattern when compared to the other best testosterone boosters on the market. For example, during the first week of using the product, users take three capsules per day with breakfast. During weeks two and three, they take three capsules with both breakfast and dinner. During week four, they take three capsules with dinner.

Product Support

Customers can use an email form on the Old School Labs website to contact customer service for support. There is also a Help Center available on the website.

Cost of Vintage Boost

A one-month supply of Vintage Boost costs $50. A three-month supply is $150, and six months runs $300.

Where to Buy?

Vintage Boost is available primarily via Amazon. The company’s website,, directs users to Amazon to purchase the product.

Ingredient Comparison among Top Testosterone Boosters of 2020

IngredientsTestogenPrime MaleSuperTestTestX180Test HDVintage Boost
D-Aspartic Acid2,352 mg1,600 mg3,000 mg
Magnesium200 mg100 mg26 mg100 mg
Stinging Nettle40 mg120 mg150 mg50 mg
Ginseng40 mg120 mg400 mg
Fenugreek40 mg300 mg400 mg
Vitamin K120 mcg
Vitamin K245 mcg
Vitamin B620 mg7.5 mg5 mg2 mg5 mg
Vitamin B1210 mcg
Vitamin D350 mcg5000 IU200  IU50 mcg
Zinc10 mg30 mg14 mg7.5 mg10 mg
Boron8 mg5 mg100 mg
Calcium48 mg
Bioperine5 mg10 mg
Ashwagandha300 mg
Tribulus Extract800 mg400 mg250 mg500 mg
Amgatine Sulfate500 mg
Japanese Knotweed200 mg
Cranberry Extract100 mg
Pumpkin Seed Oil20 mg
Luteolin60 mg
Mucuna Pruriens300 mg
Shilajit100 mg50 mg
Broccoli Powder50 mg
Velvet Bean50 mg
Cordyceps Sinensis400 mg
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract400 mg
Maca Root Powder450 mg
White Button Musroom100 mg
Milk Thistle200 mg
Plant Sterols100 mg

Why is Testogen the Best Testosterone Booster on the Market in 2020?

As the research shows, there are several top testosterone boosters on the current market, but Testogen emerges as the best. Reasons for this include the fact that Testogen is a proven product, and it has increased in popularity.

Testogen also contains research-backed ingredients and boosts testosterone naturally with no side effects. A majority of users report that the product delivers on its promises, and it offers a variety of benefits, such as being able to lift heavier and enjoying increased energy, improved sleep, and enhanced sex life.

Very few users report that Testogen does not work for them. There are other highly related testosterone boosters available, but Testogen appears to be the best testosterone booster on the market in 2020, as it is proven, contains research-backed benefits, and is available for an affordable price with the use of deals on the company website.


While product reviews of the top testosterone boosters provide a plethora of information, some customers may still have the following FAQs:

Are testosterone boosters anabolic steroids?

You can rest assured that testosterone boosters do not contain any anabolic steroids. They are natural products that contain vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.

Are testosterone boosters safe?

For most users, testosterone boosters are safe to use, as they contain natural ingredients. It is important to take these products as prescribed and to follow up with a doctor if you experience any adverse consequences, which are rare but not impossible.

Are all testosterone boosters the same?

The best testosterone boosters on the market seem to contain similar ingredients, such as magnesium, stinging nettle, fenugreek, tribulus extract, and B vitamins, but the specific formulation of each product varies. If you are looking for specific ingredients, it is important to check the product label, as not every testosterone booster is identical to others on the market.

Are testosterone boosters just a scam?

Some people may fear that testosterone boosters are a waste of money, but many of them contain research-proven ingredients, meaning these substances have been found to be effective in clinical studies. This does not mean that they will work for everyone, but there is science backing up the use of the ingredients in testosterone boosters.

Are testosterone boosters legal?

Testosterone boosters contain vitamins, minerals, and herbs, meaning they are not illegal like anabolic steroids, but if you are competing in a sports contest or other test of athletic ability, it is important to ensure that none of the supplements you are using, including testosterone boosters, are banned.


The best testosterone boosters on the market in 2020 contain natural ingredients that can boost testosterone levels safely and legally. There are a number of such products on the market, but Testogen proves to be the best testosterone booster, as it is reasonably priced and has a track record of proven results and quality ingredients.