Tricep Pressdown with Rope Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Tricep Pressdown with Rope

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Step 1. Attach a rope to a high cable pulley. Keep your elbows at your side so only your forearms move.

Step 2. Press the weight down and straighten your arms, flaring them out at the bottom of the motion.

Step 3. Return your arms to the starting position.


The tricep pressdown with rope is one of the primary mass-building exercises for the triceps. Performing this exercise with a rope incorporates more stabilizing muscles throughout as the user must control the rope when moving the weight. The user can also flare the wrists at the end of the motion to really work the tricep. Rather than flaring the wrists at the end, the user can instead choose to pull the ends of the rope backwards. This will engage the lateral triceps more than a simple tricep pressdown. Be sure to not lean too far over the bar when performing cable pressdowns. This may allow you to do more weight, but it does so by using your body weight to help lower the bar. Standing upright keeps the exercise isolated in the triceps.

Tricep Pressdown with Rope 4
Tricep Pressdown with Rope 3

Updated: April 4, 2015