Toe Touches with Twist Video

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Toe Touches with Twist Description

Step 1. Lie flat on your back with your legs straight up perpendicular to your body and your arms extended upwards towards the ceiling.

Step 2. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your right shoulder off of the floor touching the outside of your left ankle with your hand.

Step 3. Lower your shoulder back to the floor and repeat the movement to the opposite side, touching your left hand to the outside of your right ankle.


Toe touches are a combination ab exercise that primarily works the upper abs, while also providing a secondary workout to the lower abs. The lower abs will be engaged throughout because the legs are held in an upward position. The twisting motion engages the oblique muscles. A common mistake when performing this exercises is to relax the ab muscles between repetitions. When trying to touch the toes, the user should be sure to use the ab muscles, rather than stretching the arms or shoulders. This exercise is a safe exercise for those with back problems to perform because the low back is flat and stationary through the movement.

Toe Touches with Twist 1

Toe Touches with Twist 2