Swiss Ball Jackknife

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Swiss Ball Jackknife Description

Step 1. With you feet on an exercise ball, assume a pushup position with your hands directly under your shoulders.

Step 2. Keeping you back flat and core stable, drive you knees towards your chest to roll the ball towards your hands.

Step 3. Then, extend your hips and knees to roll the ball back to the starting position.


The Swiss ball jackknife is an exercise that work the transverse abs. It is important for the user to perform this exercise slowly when they first start art. Balance is required when performing this exercise. If the user is not properly balanced, he could lose control of the ball and injure himself. Make sure that the hands are firmly planted on the ground and the feet are secured on the ball. This exercise may be problematic for those with back problems. During the exercise, the low back is rounded. Those with back problems should attempt the exercise but should stop immediately if discomfort is felt in the low back.

Swiss Ball Jackknife 1

Swiss Ball Jackknife 2

Updated: March 30th, 2015