Standing Leg Curl Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Standing Leg Curl

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Step 1. Position yourself on the machine so that the pad touches your calf. Depending on the machine, place your other leg on the other pad.

Step 2. Curl the weight up as close to your glute as possible.

Step 3. Lower the weight back down. Perform all your repetitions with one leg before switching to the other leg.


The standing leg curl is a hamstring exercise that works the whole hamstring, in addition to the glutes at the top of the motion. It is performed one leg at a time. This machine is often more user friendly for those with bank injuries than the machine leg curl. However, unlike the machine, this exercise usually does not allow the user to adjust starting positions to change the range of motion. There is usually less pressure on the low back because you are standing and not stretched out as much as on the machine. The standing leg curl usually involves putting weight plates on, meaning that the user will be physically moving the weight, rather than using a cable to pull it as with performing it on a machine.

Standing Leg Curl 4

Standing Leg Curl 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015