Standing Cable Cross Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Standing Cable Cross

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Step 1. Adjust the handles so that they are at mid-pec. Reach out and grab the handles one at a time.

Step 2. With your arms slightly bent, pull the handles until one hand goes above the other. Rotate which hand is on top between repetitions.

Step 3. Return your arms to the starting position.


This exercise is a shaping and development motion that works the inner chest muscle. It can be performed with very low weight because it is performed at a high rep range. By crossing the handles over at the end of the movement, you can work the inner chest more than if this were performed on a machine or with dumbbells. The handle position be adjusted to change the starting position and determine the range of the movement. This exercise is great for creating clear definition between the pecs.

Standing Cable Cross 1
Standing Cable Cross 2

Updated: April 4th, 2015