Side Jackknife Both Legs Video

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Side Jackknife Both Legs Description

Step 1. Lie on your left hip with your legs together and fully extended. Place your left hand flat on the ground for support and your right hand behind your ear.

Step 2. Use your oblique muscles to raise both legs. Simultaneously, bring your torso up so that your elbows nearly touches your thigh.

Step 3. Lower in a controlled motion and repeat the motion until you have completed your set. Then, execute the movement on the other side.


The side jackknife with both legs is a core exercise for working the obliques. The obliques are an often overlooked part of the core, but they should be trained as part of a complete core workout. This exercise is a more advanced oblique exercise. One hand goes behind the head and the elbow should touch the knee at the top of the motion. This is a good guide for how to perform the exercise properly. When first performing this exercise, the user should place the free hand on the ground for support. Once the user becomes more comfortable with this exercise, he may place the free hand behind the head and engaged the core muscles for balance. As with all jacknives, it is important to keep the core tight throughout and not relax the muscles.

Side Jackknife Both Legs 1

Side Jackknife Both Legs 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015