Side Crunches Video

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Side Crunches Description

Step 1. Lie on your left hip. Your left leg should be slightly bent under your right leg, which should be straight out. Put your left hand on your side and right hand behind your head.

Step 2. In a crunch-like motion, use your obliques to lift your torso up off the floor, bringing your ribcage towards your hip.

Step 3. Then, lower your body down, so that it lightly touches the floor. Repeat all repetitions in your set before reversing procedure for the opposite side.


Side crunches are one of the primary exercises for working the oblique muscles. The key to performing a side crunch is to keep the oblique muscle engaged throughout the whole exercise. A common mistake is to relax the oblique muscle in-between repetitions. This exercise should be performed slowly and deliberately, concentrating on the muscle throughout. Do not jerk the upper body upward to complete the repetition. The oblique muscle should do all of the work. Keep the feet and legs on the ground throughout. Doing so will both keep the body stable and also keep the core engaged. This exercise is safe for those with low back problems.

Side Crunches 1

Side Crunches 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015