Seated Knee Raises with Twist Video

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Seated Knee Raises with Twist

Step 1. Sit on a bench holding on to the back side for support. Extend your legs straight out.

Step 2. Raise your legs slightly off the floor and lean your upper body back at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3. Using your abdominal muscles, simultaneously bring both knee towards your left shoulder while curling the shoulder towards your knee.

Step 4. Then, lower your body back to the starting position. Repeat to the opposite side for one full repetition.


Seated knee raises with a twist are a more advanced variation on the knee raises. This exercise works the obliques and lower abs. The lower abs are worked in the raising of the legs, and the twist engages the oblique muscles. When performing this exercise, the user should concentrate on squeezing the oblique muscle at the top, almost as if it is an oblique crunch. Given the twisting motion, this exercise may be problematic for those with lower back problems. However, those with low back problems may prefer this combination exercise to a hanging leg raise with a twist, which works the muscles in a similar way, because the low back is supported throughout the motion.

Seated Knee Raises with Twist 1

Seated Knee Raises with Twist 2