Push Up Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Push Up

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Step 1. Start laying on the floor with your feet together. Place your hands just outside of your pecs.

Step 2. Press up, keeping your body straight and your core tight throughout the movement.

Step 3. Lower your body down, stopping just before your touch the floor and repeat the movement.


The push up is the most versatile chest exercise. It can be performed almost anywhere and at anytime, making it ideal for those with limited time or access to gym equipment. Because it is a body weight exercise, this exercise allows you track your progress by seeing how your repetitions increase. The push up can also be varied based on hand and leg positioning. The greater the distance between the hands, the more the exercise works the outer chest. Moving the hands inward to shoulder-width makes this exercise an inner chest exercise. Any position further together than shoulder-width makes it a more of a tricep exercise. The user can also isolate the chest further by not locking out at the top of the motion, keeping the pressure on the chest and not the triceps.

Push Up 4
Push Up 3

Updated: April 4th, 2015