Push Press Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Push Press

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Step 1. Setup the bar on a weight rack at shoulder height. Grip the bar with hands shoulder-width apart and bring the bar to shoulder height.

Step 2. Push up with your legs to start the bar moving and then press the weight above your head.

Step 3. Lower the weight back down to shoulder height and repeat. Do not reverse the clean motion in between reps. Do not arch or hyperextend your back.


The push press is a more advanced exercise to develop size and strength in the frontal deltoids. This exercise is very similar to a standing military press. The stance and grip are the same. Where the two exercises differ is in the execution of the press. The military press requires the user to press the weight without using momentum from the legs to help the weight up. The push press has the user lower the legs slightly as the weight goes down and then push back up. This exercise is very beneficial for those looking to add explosive power in the shoulders or those who are struggling to lock out at the top of the military press motion. This exercise should not be performed by those with a history of back problems. Those without back problems who perform this exercise should still keep a focus on their core during the exercise, and should be careful not to round or hyperextend the back on the press.

Push Press 4
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Updated: March 30th, 2015