One Arm Cross Cable Lateral Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch One Arm Cross Cable Lateral

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Step 1. Standing straight up with free hand resting on your hip for support, reach across the body and grab the handle. Like in dumbbell lateral raises, keep your arm in the same position throughout the exercise.

Step 2. Keep your arm straight and pull the handle up until your hand is slightly above your head.

Step 3. Return the handle to the starting position. Do all of your repetitions with one arm then switch to the other arm.


The one arm cross cable lateral is a shaping and development motion for the lateral deltoid. It allows the user to isolate the lateral deltoid and not use body sway to help move the weight. This exercise can be performed with the off-hand on the hip or against the cable machine for support. This exercise is a good exercise because it allows the user a very long range of motion, having to pull all the way across the body. This exercise should be performed slowly and deliberately at a high rep range.

One Arm Cross Cable Lateral 1
One Arm Cross Cable Lateral 2

Updated: March 30th, 2015