Oblique Crunch with Exercise Ball

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Oblique Crunch with Exercise Ball Description

Step 1. Place your left hip on an exercise ball, supporting your upper body with your forearm. Your right foot should be flat on the with your left foot behind it. Place your right hand behind your head.

Step 2. In a crunch-like motion, use your obliques to bring your ribcage towards your hip.

Step 3. Then, slowly return to the starting position.

Step 4. Complete all of your repetitions and reverse the procedure for the opposite side.


The oblique crunch is a primary core exercise for working the obliques. It may be performed either on an exercise ball or on the floor. Performing the exercise on an exercise ball is the more advanced technique. The user must maintain balance throughout the exercise. The user’s feet should be on top of each other, but the user may place one in front of the other in order to maintain better balance. The crunch motion should be performed slowly and deliberately. Do not jerk, as this does not work the muscle as effectively and creates a risk of injury.

Oblique Crunch with Exercise Ball 1

Oblique Crunch with Exercise Ball 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015