Standing Military Press Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Standing Military Press

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Step 1. With a wider than shoulder-width grip, grasp a barbell off a weight rack and hold it at your collarbone. Place your palms underneath the bar to support the bar and take pressure off of your wrists.

Step 2. Press the bar straight up above your head. Since this is preformed standing, lean your upper body back slightly at the waist but do not sway or use you legs in the movement.

Step 3. Lower the weight back down to the starting position.


The standing military press is a basic size and strength building exercise for the deltoids. Typically, a grip just wider than shoulder-width is used, but the military press can be used with a wider grip if the user wants to limit the secondary tricep workout and better isolate the deltoid. Anything closer than shoulder-width should not be used because it takes the focus off the shoulder and puts too much on the triceps. By performing the standing military press, the user is able to get under the weight more effectively. The user can help the weight up with his legs, though this self-spotting should only be done on the final few reps or on any reps past the needed rep range. If you are helping the weight up with your legs for the majority of the exercise, this is called a push press and is a different exercise.

Standing Military Press 4
Standing Military Press 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015