Machine Row Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Machine Row

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Step 1. Place your chest against the pad and your feet either on the floor or the provided foot rests. Grip the inner handles with your palms facing each other.

Step 2. Pull back keeping your back straight.

Step 3. Return the handles back to the starting position. Do not let the weight touch the rest of the weight stack in between repetitions.


The machine row is an exercise that builds size and strength in the middle back. The chest pad allows the user to brace his back and isolate the lat muscle better. Do not let your chest leave the pad when pulling the weight back. Keep the focus on the target muscles by remaining fixed throughout the set. Rocking back as you pull the weight will not provide the full benefits of this exercise. This exercise will not build size and strength to the same degree as the bent over dumbbell row or T bar row, but it provides better isolation and is easier on the low back and joints. This exercise also provides multiple grip positions. A close grip will work the inner part of the middle back and a wide grip will work the outer back. Both grips are important and should be utilized.

Machine Row 4
Machine Row 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015