Machine Lateral Raise Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Machine Lateral Raise

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Step 1. Take the handles and place your elbows against the pad. Keep your chest or back depending on the machine pressed against the support pad at all times.

Step 2. Raise your arms until the handles are just your shoulder.

Step 3. Hold and then lower. Do not let the weight touch the rest of the weight stack until all repetitions are complete.


This exercise works the lateral head of the deltoid muscle. This is a good exercise for those who have back problems and can not perform dumbbell lateral raises without discomfort. It is also a good exercise for those who are looking to define their lateral deltoids more. The strict motion of the machine allows for better isolation of the muscle than if performed with dumbbells. Those wanting to add size and strength to their lateral deltoid may not want to incorporate this exercise into their routine very often, though it can still be used to size and strength if the machine is more desired than using dumbbells.

Machine Lateral Raise 4
Machine Lateral Raise 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015