Machine Fly 1 Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Machine Fly

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Step 1. Adjust the handles so that your arms are just behind your torso. Your arms should be slightly bend at the elbow and should be keep in this position throughout the entire movement.

Step 2. Keeping your back against the pad, press until the handles tough.

Step 3. Return to the starting position without letting the weight touch the rest of the weight stack.


The machine fly is a primarily shaping and developing motion for the inner chest. It is a good way to isolate the muscle, though the stabilizer muscles of the chest are not used to the set motion of the machine. The starting position can be varied, allowing the user to determine the exact range of motion for their exercise. This is beneficial at preventing injury or if the user already has an injury, at preventing further pain. The varied starting position also allows the user to determine the amount of stretch they get in the muscle. If using a lower weight, the starting position should be further behind the chest, while if a higher weigh is being used, the range of motion can be shorter. The machine fly comes in one of two designs. The first (see video above) does not offer forearm support and allows the user to change elbow position through the movement. The second isolates the chest more because the forearms and elbows are locked in place.

Machine Fly 4-2
Machine Fly 3-2

Updated: April 4th, 2015