Machine Curls Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Machine Curls

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Step 1. Sit at the machine with your chest against the pad. Place your elbows on the pad.

Step 2. Curl the weight up as far as possible, keeping your elbows in place.

Step 3. Lower the weight back down until your arms are almost straight. Do not let the weight touch the weight stack.


Machine curls are a good all-around, basic bicep exercise. There is a large variation of machines on which to perform bicep curls. Note the various wrist and grip positions before performing the exercise on the machine at your gym. Gym machines will typically illustrate proper elbow and hand placement. One constant with machine curls is the resting of the elbow and upper arms on the pad. This makes the exercise ideal for those with wrist or elbow problems. This exercise is also good for anyone not comfortable with using free weights or just returning to the gym. This exercise is also ideal for a machine only circuit training routine. Because your arms are locked in position, this a good exercise for isolating the bicep.

Machine Curls 4
Machine Curls 3

Updated: March 31th, 2015