Machine Chest Press Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Machine Chest Press

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Step 1. Adjust the seat so that the handles are at mid-pec.

Step 2. Take the handles and press outward until your arms are fully extended. Keep your back straight against the pad and make sure your butt is planted on the seat.

Step 3. Bring the handles back without letting the weight touch the rest of the weight stack.


The machine chest press works the middle part of the chest. An advantage to using this exercise over a standard bench press is that you can get a longer range of motion without worrying about letting the weight lower too far. A disadvantage is that although the this exercise can be used to build size and strength in the chest, the stabilizer muscles in the chest do not get worked as they do with a regular bench press. Nevertheless, this remains a good exercise for those with joint problems or those who are not comfortable using free weights. It is also a good alternative for more advanced athletes who are looking to isolate and exhaust the chest muscle without worrying about the need for a spotter.

Machine Chest Press 4
Machine Chest Press 3

Updated: April 4th, 2015