Calf Machine Raises Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Calf Machine Raises

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Step 1. Place your shoulder under the pads and place your toes on the block. Your knees will be slightly bent to start.

Step 2. Straighten your legs to move the weight off the stack. Press up using your toes.

Step 3. Then, lower your heels down as far as possible. Once your reps are completed to return the weight to the stack.


Calf machine raises are a common exercise for working the calf muscle. Though this exercise works the calf muscle in a very similar way to calf presses, it should not be ignored in place of the other. Calf machine raises are beneficial for the wide range of motion that is provides the user. The machine may also be preferred by those with low back pain. Performing the calf press may put too much pressure on the low back. Using a machine distributes the weight differently than a plate loaded press, so back pain should be alleviated. The typical stance for a machine calf raise is shoulder-width, with the toes pointed straight forward. The user may vary how the calf is worked by adjusted the toe position. Pointing the toes away from each other works the inner calf and pointing them toward each other works the outer calf more.

Calf machine raises 4
Calf Machine Raises 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015