Hanging Leg Raises Bent Knees Twisting

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Hanging Leg Raises with Bent Knees and a Twist

Step 1. Hang from a bar or vertical chair with your legs fully extended.

Step 2. Rotate your hips clockwise and raise your knees perpendicular to your body.

Step 3. Then, raise your hips towards your ribcage.

Step 4. Lower your knees back to the starting position.

Step 5. Repeat the movement to the opposite side for one full repetition. Continue the movement until you complete your set.


This variation on hanging leg raises works the obliques instead of the lower abs. These hanging leg raises may be tough for certain users to perform given that they must hold themselves in place throughout the exercise. If the user is unable to do this, this exercises may be performed either using arm straps or in a captain’s chair. Using arm straps will keep the stabilizer muscles engaged while using a captain’s chair will not. This is a safe exercise for those with back pain to perform as long as it is performed slowly and deliberately.

Hanging Leg Raises Bent Knees Twisting 1

Hanging Leg Raises Bent Knees Twisting 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015