Hanging Knee Raises Video

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Hanging Knee Raises Description

Step 1. Hang from a bar or vertical chair with your legs fully extended.

Step 2. Use your lower abdominals to raise your knees to your chest, letting your hips move slightly forward as the knees pass through the 90 degree angle. Your feet should hang down below your knees throughout the motion.

Step 3. Then, lower your legs down to the starting position.


Hanging knee raises are an exercise for strengthening the lower abs. They can be performed in three different ways. The first way to perform them is by hanging from a pull up bar (as seen in the video above). This manner provides the most complete core exercises of the variations, but it may be more advanced than some users are ready for. If the user’s hands or back muscles are not strong enough to hang, arm straps may be used. This allows the user to hang from the bar without using his own strength to do so while still having to use his core muscles to limit body sway.

The final variation of hanging knee raises is performing them in a captain’s chair. Use of the captain’s chair removes the “hanging” from the exercise which in turn does not require the user to utilize his core muscles to limit body sway. Therefore, this variation should only be performed at the very start of working the core in addition to another variation.

Hanging Knee Raises 1

Hanging Knee Raises 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015