Hanging Knee Raise with Twist Single Leg Video

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Hanging Knee Raise with Twist (Single Leg)

Step 1. Hang from a bar or vertical chair with your feet fully extended and hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Step 2. Use your abdominal muscles to cross your right knee towards your left shoulder.

Step 3. Then, lower it back to the starting position. Repeat the movement to the opposite side for one full repetition.


The hanging knee raise with twist exercise is a combination abdominal exercise that primarily works both the lower abs and the obliques. As with all hanging knee raise variations, the twist single leg variation can be performed in one of three ways: hanging with your hands, hanging with ab straps, or in a captain’s chair. The more supported you are, the less the stabilizer muscles of the core are worked. This variation is different than a regular hanging knee raise in that by bringing the leg over the other leg, the obliques are engaged. With this exercise, it is important to not jerk the leg upward. The raise should be a controlled motion.

Hanging Knee Raise with Twist 1

Hanging Knee Raise with Twist 2