Rope Hammer Curls Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Rope Hammer Curls

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Step 1. Stand straight and lean back slightly. Grip the rope with your palms facing each other as your do with hammer curls.

Step 2. Pull the weight up as far as you can. Keep your elbows at your sides throughout. Do not use your bodyweight to help the weight up.

Step 3. Return the weight to the starting position. Do not let the weight touch the weight stack at the bottom of the motion.


Rope hammer curls are a variation on the normal dumbbell hammer curl. The forearms are still worked along with the biceps. This exercise must be performed using both arms at a time. Those with lower back issues should use caution when performing this exercise. If any pain or pressure is felt in the low back, you should lean back slightly when performing the exercise. By performing them with a rope, the exercise becomes more of a shaping motion than a mass motion and the weight should be adjusted accordingly.

Rope Hammer Curls 4
Rope Hammer Curls 4

Updated: March 31th, 2015