Flat Bench Cable Crossover Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Flat Bench Cable Crossover

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Step 1. Lie on a flat bench in between two cable pulleys.

Step 2. Keep your arms slightly bent, grab the handles, and pull them upward until they are touching above your chest.

Step 3. Return the handles to the starting position.


The flat bench cable cross is a variation of the standing version of the exercise that may be preferred by those with low back problems or by those who are looking for a more isolated exercise. This exercise works the inner and lower muscles of the chest. When performing this exercise, there is an unavoidable level of body sway unless the exercise is performed at a very low weight. By laying down, there is no way to use the body to cheat the weight up. The standing version may also put stress on the user’s low back because they are bending over. Here, the user is laying down so there is no risk of rounding the back.

Flat Bench Cable Crossover 4
Flat Bench Cable Crossover 3

Updated: April 4th, 2015