Tricep Press with EZ Bar Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch EZ Bar Tricep Press

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Step 1. Sit in a flat back chair. Grip an EZ bar with a shoulder-width grip and raise the bar straight above your head.

Step 2. Keeping your upper arms in place, bend at the elbow and lower the bar behind your head.

Step 3. Press the weight back up by straightening your arms. Your elbows should pointed out slightly to prevent joint pain but should remain in place throughout the movement.


The tricep press is a good mass building exercise that can be performed either seated or standing. Seated is preferable to standing for those with lower back problems. This exercise works the entire tricep. This exercise is usually performed with an EZ bar, but can be performed with a straight bar if that is preferred. A close-to-medium grip should be used for maximum isolation of the tricep. Be certain not to use too close of a grip as they may not pressure on your elbow. If this exercise can not be performed without the flaring of the elbows, lower the weight and perform the exercise again. This will both limit potential injury and work the muscle better.

EZ Bar Tricep Press 4
EZ Bar Tricep Press 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015