Dumbbell Tricep Press Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Dumbbell Tricep Press

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Step 1. Sit in a straight back chair and stand a dumbbell up on your knee.

Step 2. Grip the dumbbell with both hands and move the weight up to your shoulder.

Step 3. Adjust your hands so that your hands are underneath the weight.

Step 4. Straighten your arms and hold the weight above your head.

Step 5. Lower the weight behind your head as far as your feel comfortable without putting stress on your elbows. Your elbows should be pointed out slightly to prevent joint pain.

Step 6. Press the weight back up to the starting position.


The dumbbell tricep press is a good mass building exercise that can be performed either seated or standing. Seated is preferable to standing for those with lower back problems. This exercise works the entire tricep. By performing the press with a dumbbell, you are forced to use a close-grip and isolate the tricep. If this exercise can not be performed without the flaring of the elbows, lower the weight and perform the exercise again. This will both limit potential injury and work the muscle better. Be careful when lowering the dumbbell behind your head as to not lower it too far.

Tricep Press 4
Tricep Press 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015