Dumbbell Pullover Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Dumbbell Pullover

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Step 1. Take a flat bench and place your shoulder blades across it so that your body and the bench form a “T”.

Step 2. Take the dumbbell by the plate in both hands, one over the other. Hold the weight with straight arms above your chest.

Step 3. Slowly lower the weight behind your head.

Step 4. Once you have lowered the weight as far as possible, raise is back to the starting position.


The dumbbell pullover is an uncommon chest exercise, but remains one that should be added to any chest routine. Unlike most chest exercises, this exercise works the serratus anterior muscle, instead of the pecs. By doing this exercise, you work the upper chest from a whole different plane than if you were to do the any types of chest press. However, it can be a problematic exercise for those with low back problems. The low back pain can possibly be alleviated by either changing the position of your back on the pad or lowering the weight. By placing more of your upper back on the bench, you can have more support and hopefully relieve pressure on the low back. If that does not work, couple it with lowering the weight and increasing the repetition range. This exercise is a controlled motion, so heavy weight is not required.

Dumbbell Pullover 4
Dumbbell Pullover 3

Updated: April 4th, 2015