Deltoid Fly Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Deltoid Fly (Machine Reverse Fly)

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Step 1. Adjust the seat pad so that your knees are at 90 degrees. Keep your chest against the support pad and grip the handles.

Step 2. Keeping your arms straight, pull the handles outward. Do not pull your arms to far back.

Step 3. Squeeze the muscle and slowly return the weight to the starting position. Do not let the weight touch the rest of the weight stack until all repetitions are complete.


The deltoid fly (also known as the machine reverse fly) is the primary way for working the rear deltoid that does not involve dumbbells. It can often be the only way for those with back troubles to work the rear deltoid. The deltoid fly has the advantage of providing a chest pad to brace the upper body. This allows both support of the back and better isolation of the rear deltoid. The deltoid fly often allows the user to adjust the position of the handles, giving the user complete control of the range of motion.

Deltoid Fly 4
Deltoid Fly 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015