Crunches Legs Straight Out Video

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Crunches Legs Straight Out Description

Step 1. Lie on your back with your feet extended straight out on the floor and hands across your chest or behind your head.

Step 2. Use the muscles of your upper abdominals to raise your shoulders and back off the floor in a forward curling motion.

Step 3. Then, lower your shoulders to the starting position, lightly touching your shoulder blades to the floor.


Crunches are the primary exercise for working the upper ab. Crunches with the legs straight out is a variation on the crunch. By having the legs straight out, the user is more stable and can therefore isolate the upper abs more. The upper abs also have to work harder to complete the crunch because the user can not press down with his feet for leverage. It is important to keep the legs flat on the ground. Doing so keeps the core engaged throughout. A common mistake when performing this exercise is to let the shoulder blades go flat on the ground between repetitions. By doing this, the user disengages the core muscles and this makes the exercise less effective. It is also important not to pull the head and neck upwards with your hands. Not only could this lead to a neck strain, but it makes the upper abs work less. This exercise should be performed using only the upper abs to perform the motion. The hands and arms are just for support and balance.

Crunches Legs Straight Out 1

Crunches Legs Straight Out 2

Updated: April 11th, 2015