Concentration Curl Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Concentration Curl

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Step 1. Sit on a flat bench with your feet spread wide. Bend over at the waist. Take a dumbbell in one hand. Place your elbow on the inside of your thigh for support and your free hand on the other knee. Keep the other arm in place.

Step 2. Curl the weight up and flex the muscle at the top. Lower the weight back down slowly until your arm is fully straight.

Step 3. Do all your repetitions with one arm, then switch arms.


The concentration curl is the main exercise for peaking the bicep. As the name would suggest, this exercise is performed deliberately, focusing on controlling the weight all the way through the exercise and squeezing at the top of the movement. While often performed while seated, this exercise can be performed in a variety positions. The key element is positioning yourself so that your arm can be fully extended. A common mistake when performing the concentration curl is using too high of a weight. Because this is a shaping exercise and not a mass-building one, a lower weight should be used.

Concentration Curl 4
Concentration Curl 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015