Close Grip Pull Ups Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Close Grip Pull Ups

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Step 1. Placing your hands as close together as possible, grip the straight part of a pullup bar with an underhand grip with your palms facing you. Your knees should be bent and crossed at the ankles behind your glutes.

Step 2. Pull yourself up until your chest almost touches the bar. Do not use your bodyweight to help yourself up.

Step 3. Slowly lower yourself back down.


Close grip pull ups build the size and strength in the inner area of the upper lat. The exercise can be performed with two grips. An underhand grip with the hands touching will work the inner part of the lat more and will also act as a secondary bicep workout. Most pull up bars have handles that are just less than shoulder-width apart and are perpendicular to the bar. These can also be used to perform this exercise. They will not work the inner part of the lat as much, but they are often easier on the wrist and shoulders. For those who require more than their body weight to do this exercise, a weight belt can be used when performing the exercise. If one’s body weight is too much, close grip pull ups can be performed on a gravitron machine.

Close Grip Pull Ups 4
Close Grip Pull Ups 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015