Close Grip Bench Press Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Close Grip Bench Press

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Step 1. Lie flat on the bench. Grip the barbell with a close grip. The distance between your hands is determined by touching your thumbs together.

Step 2. Remove the bar from the rack and lower it down to the middle of your pecs.

Step 3. Press up until your arms are locked out. Rerack the weight at the end of your repetitions.


The close grip bench press is one of the fundamental exercises for building size in the triceps. The chest also receives a secondary workout and this should be factored in when adding this exercise to any routine. This exercise should be performed with your hands as close together as possible, but this can be an uncomfortable position. Any grip position with the hands less than shoulder-width apart will be sufficient. The closer the hands are together, the more the exercise hits the triceps and not the chest. If there is too much pain in the wrist or elbow, this exercise can be performed with an EZ bar.

Close Grip Bench Press 4
Close Grip Bench Press 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015