Cat and Camel Video

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Watch cat and camel HD exercise demonstration video. For over 50 pre-designed workouts you can bring straight to the gym, click HERE.

Cat and Camel

The cat and camel is a low back stretch and exercise. The “cat” part involves the users lowering his low back and flexing the pelvis. For the “camel,” the user then arches the low back and tilts the pelvis the other way. The cat and camel motions work in unison to promote flexibility and increase the range of motion in the low back. The user should be careful not to stretch too far or stretch too hard. This can do more harm than good. Stretching is important and should be incorporated in all exercise routines. Stretching can help limit injury to the ligaments and muscles. By stretching the muscle before working out, you can actually lift more weight.

Cat and Camel 1
Cat and Camel 2

Updated: April 1st, 2015