Cable Crossover Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Cable Crossover

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Step 1. Adjust the handles so that they are wide and above your head.

Step 2. Reach back and grab the handles one at a time. Place one foot in front of the other and lean forward slightly at the waist.

Step 3. With your arms in a crescent position, pull the handles forward until they touch. Squeeze your pectoral muscles when the handles touch.

Step 4. Return to the starting position without letting the weight touch the rest of the weight stack.


The cable crossover is a shaping and development motion that works to define the inner and lower parts of the chest. To what degree the exercise hits the lower or middle part of the chest is determined by how far you lean forward. The further you lean forward, the more this exercise works the lower chest. The cable crossover also allows a good, deep stretch of the chest muscle without putting undo pressure on the joints. This exercise is performed using the cable pulley machine that has a pulley on two opposite sides. The pulleys should be locked in a high position. The usual foot position is to place one foot in front of the other, but this exercise can also be performed with both feet together and simply pending forward at the waist.

While it is possible to cross the two handles above and below each other at full extension during this exercise, this crossing does little in terms of muscular conditioning. Additionally, there is a risk of injury in the shoulder during hyperextension when the handles pass so close to each other.

Bent Forward Cable Crossover 3
Bent Forward Cable Crossover 4

Updated: April 4th, 2015