Barbell Curl Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Barbell Curl

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Step 1. Stand straight with a barbell in front of you. Hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Keep your elbows at your side and your shoulders in place.

Step 2. Curl the barbell upward without using your bodyweight to help move the weight. Squeeze your biceps at the top of the motion.

Step 3. Then, lower the weight until your arms are straight.


The barbell curl is the perfect exercise for increasing bicep size and strength. It is a staple exercise in any bicep exercise routine. It is usually performed in the first or second exercise of your bicep workout. This video demonstrates this exercise with a medium grip. The medium grip is the most common grip. It works both the inside and outside of the bicep muscle. This exercise can be altered by using a close grip, which work the outer biceps. A wide grip works the inside biceps.

Barbell Curl 4
Barbell Curl 3

Updated: March 30th, 2015