Back Shoulder Stretch Exercise Guide & Video

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Step 1. Grasp a rolled up towel with both hands as shown.

Step 2. Gently pull the towel toward the ceiling with your top hand. You will feel a stretch in the back shoulder of your opposite arm as your lower hand is gently pulled farther up your back.

Step 3. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Continue to breath rhythmically and slowly. Do not hold your breath.

Step 4. Ease out of the stretch, switch arms and repeat.


The back shoulder stretch is the basic stretching motion for the shoulder muscles. They may be performed either with a towel or rope to bridge the gap between the two hands. If the user is flexible, he may perform the stretch without a towel or rope, simply by putting his hands together and pulling. The user should be careful not to stretch too far or stretch too hard. This can do more harm than good. Stretching is important and should be incorporated in all exercise routines. Stretching can help limit injury to the ligaments and muscles. By stretching the muscle before working out, you can actually lift more weight.

Back Shoulder Stretch 1
Back Shoulder Stretch 2

Updated: March 31th, 2015