Back Dips Exercise Guide & Video

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Watch Back Dips

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Step 1. Move a bench behind your back. Place another bench far enough away so that you can place your heels on it.

Step 2. Place your hands on the edge of the back bench and the heels of your feet on the front bench.

Step 3. Lower your body until our butt almost touches the floor while keeping your legs straight.

Step 4. Then press back up. If needed, you can have a spotter place a weight place on your quads.


Back dips are a versatile size and strength exercise for the triceps. It is a body weight exercise that develops the triceps in the same manner as a close grip press. Back dips can be preferred because they can be done almost anywhere in the gym (or out of the gym). A shoulder-width or slightly-less-than-shoulder-width grip should be used. Putting the hands too close together behind the back will put stress on the wrists and elbows without any added triceps benefit. There is much less of a secondary chest workout on back dips as compared to a regular dip. Additional weight plates can be added across the upper quads if more than body weight is required for the exercise. If this is the case, the user should get into position first and then have a spotter carefully place the weight plates across the thigh. The spotter should also remove the plates when the user is finished with the exercise.

Back Dips 4
Back Dips 3

Updated: April 1st, 2015