Ab Crossovers

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Ab Crossovers Description

Step 1. Lie on your back with your knees up and both feet on the floor.

Step 2. Then, cross your left leg over the right leg. Your ankle should rest just below the knee, making a triangle between your legs. Your right hand goes behind your head and your left hand rests on your stomach.

Step 3. Use your abdominal muscles to raise and twist your right shoulder towards your left knee until your right elbow gently touches your left knee.

Step 4. Then, lower your torso back to the floor. Reverse the procedure for the opposite side.


Ab crossovers are a combination ab exercise that works the upper abs and obliques. They are a more basic movement compared to bicycle abs and should be performed by users who are unable to perform that exercise. This exercise allows the user to work his upper abs as he brings his elbow to the opposite knee. Because the user is crunching to the opposite knee, the obliques are also worked. The user should perform all of the reps for one side before changing position and performing the reps for the other side.

Ab Crossovers 1

Ab Crossovers 2