Popular Weight Loss Diets: Fasting and Cleansing Diets

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Diet Type: Fasting or Cleansing Diets

Man on Scale

Fasting or cleansing diets work by drastically restricting calorie intake (sometimes to as  low as 800 calories per day). These diets also restrict food intake to a very limited selection of certain food groups.  




While cleansing or fasting diets cause sudden, dramatic weight loss, a vast majority of this weight loss comes from loss of water and muscle mass. The faster the weight comes off, the more muscle mass is lost. As previously discussed, loss of muscle mass lowers the body’s metabolism. Thus, after completing a fasting or cleansing diet, one generally returns to or surpasses his or her previous weight with an increased amount of fat and a decreased amount of lean muscle mass. Additionally, cleansing diets produce deprivation and hunger, which are not sustainable in the long-term.

The Conclusion

Fasting and cleansing diets are overly restrictive and unsustainable. Additionally, they promote greater losses in water and muscle mass than in fat. They are a short-sighted solution with no long-term viability.