Healthiest Foods

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An optimal, well-balanced diet is composed of whole foods. The healthiest foods choices are listed below.


Healthiest Foods

Vegetables (Carbohydrate/Protein Source)

Asparagus Avocados
Beets Bell peppers
Broccoli Brussels sprouts
Cabbage Carrots
Cauliflower Celery
Collard greens Corn
Cucumbers Eggplant
Garlic Green beans
Kale Mushrooms (Crimini)
Mushrooms (Shiitake) Onions
Potatoes Romaine Lettuce
Spinach Squash
Sweet potatoes Swiss chard


Fruits (Carbohydrate Source)

Apples Apricots
Bananas Blackberries
Blueberries Cantaloupe
Grapefruit Grapes
Figs Kiwi fruit
Oranges Papaya
Pears Pineapple
Plums Raspberries
Strawberries Watermelon


Lean Meats and Poultry (Protein/Fat Source)

Beef (grass-fed) Chicken (free-range)
Lamb Liver
Turkey Veal


Fish and Shellfish (Protein/Fat Source)

Cod Salmon
Sardines Scallops
Shrimp Trout


Dairy and Eggs (Protein/Fat Source)

Eggs Low-fat milk
Yogurt Low-fat cheese


Grains (Carbohydrate/Protein Source)

Brown Rice Oats
Quinoa Rye
Wheat germ Whole wheat


Beans and Legumes (Protein Source)

Black beans Chick peas
Kidney beans Lentils
Lima beans Pinto beans
Soybeans Tofu


Nuts and Seeds (Fat/Protein Source)

Almonds Cashews
Peanuts Walnuts
Flaxseeds Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds


Oils (Fat Source)

Canola oil Olive oil

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