Dieting and Body Types

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Dieting and Body Types

When beginning a diet plan, knowledge of one’s body type is an essential piece of information for setting realistic goals for dieting. Certain men, particularly endomorphs, will simply never achieve a chiseled six-pack. Below are descriptions and images of the three main body types. Set realistic weight loss goals based on your body type and follow the general recommendations given below.




Thin: Flat chest and small shoulder Athletic: Muscular, rectangular shaped body “Stocky”: Round Physique
Difficulty gaining muscle Gaines muscle easily Gains muscle and fat very easily
Finds it hard to gain weight Well defined muscles Finds it hard to lose fat
Fast metabolism Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs Slow metabolism
Muscles not as well defined

Most men with weight problems find themselves in the mesomorph or endomorph categories. Endomorphs, specifically, gain fat very easily due to slower than normal metabolisms.

Mesomorphs and endomorphs should pay particularly close attention to the types of carbohydrates they consume in their diets. They should limit simple, refined carbohydrates and instead consume complex carbohydrates in the forms of vegetables and whole-grain foods. Additionally, they should minimize the calories consumed from fat (especially saturated and trans fats) to no more than 20 percent of overall caloric intake.