Lower Back Problems and Resistance Exercise

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Back Pain

Is it ok to begin a resistance exercise program if I have lower back problems?

Lower back problems are common among men, and they can seriously restrict daily activities. A resistance exercise routine (properly performed) plus a well-rounded abdominal program can safely strengthen the core muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support and the spinal column and lower back. EMG provides a full compliment of 10 Lower Back Exercises that support and strengthen your core and lower back.

If you already suffer from a lower back problem, resistance exercise, especially heavy exercise or exercise done improperly, can certainly worsen your lower back issue. The following steps outline the safest way to approach resistance training if you have a preexisting lower back problem or lower back pain:

  • Before you start any resistance training, it is imperative to visit a lower back specialist to accurately diagnose your problem.
  • If your lower back specialist approves of resistance exercise, add core exercises and resistance exercises that strengthen the lower back while minimizing lower back injuries.
  • Lastly, no matter which exercise routine you choose, it is essential to use proper form on all exercises. Each exercise available here comes with a video that displays proper technique. Watch each exercise right on your phone or other mobile device before you do it in the gym. This will allow you to always use the best possible form when performing any exercise.


It is also important to stretch the lower back muscles, ligaments, and tendons before and after exercise in order to prevent injury. EMG’s Lower Back Stretches are great for the lower back even if you already suffer from lower back pain. These lower back stretches can also be used for warming-up prior to lower back exercises or resistance training.

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