Chicken vs Beef: Which Is Healthier?

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Chicken vs Beef: Which is Healthier?

Chicken vs BeefWith all things being equal, skinless white meat chicken is normally considerably lower in calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat than most cuts of beef. On the other hand, beef normally contains more potassium, zinc, and choline than chicken. The American Heart Association recommends eating more chicken than meat based on the fact that excessive red meat consumption has been shown to raise the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

The Way in Which Animals Are Raised Matters

Nevertheless, the answer to the question of chicken versus beef also depends on the type of chicken or beef: grass-fed vs. corn-fed and organic vs. non-organic. Both grass-fed beef and chicken contain significantly less saturated fat than traditional corn-fed beef and chicken. Therefore, grass-fed beef and chicken are healthier with respect to fat content than corn-fed beef and chicken. Additionally, organic beef and chicken contain fewer hormones than non-organic beef and chicken. Therefore, organic beef and chicken are healthier with respect to levels of hormones than corn-fed beef and chicken.

Due to these differences, organic, grass-fed beef may actually be healthier in moderation than non-organic corn-fed chicken. For the healthiest meat, choose organic, grass-fed options over traditional options when available. And, remember, everything in moderation!