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Common Foods High in Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are an unhealthy class of fats. Unfortunately, they are present in many foods. The majority of foods high in saturated fat come from animal sources. These sources include beef, pork, chicken, shellfish, egg yolks, and dairy such as cream, milk, and butter. Certain non-animal food sources also have high levels. These sources include… Read more

High Cholesterol Foods

The following article provides a list of high cholesterol foods below. But before this list, we discuss what is cholesterol, why it is important and the effect of diet on cholesterol. What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is an organic molecule that is an essential component of many body structures and substances, including fats. Cholesterol is both… Read more

Nutritional Guidelines on How to Lower Cholesterol

One of the major factors that affects cholesterol levels is dietary intake of 1) cholesterol and 2) saturated fats (as well as trans fats). (See EMG’s Cholesterol Introduction for an in depth review of cholesterol and non-nutritional factors). Excessive cholesterol in the diet (found in foods from animal sources) can increase unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels…. Read more

Best Fitness Apps and Wellness Devices for Men

Exercise Apps (Cycling, Running, and Weight Lifting) The following cycling and running apps are the best tracking apps available. Using your phone’s GPS, they track your speed, distance, and route. Additionally, most can be synced easily with wireless heart rate monitors. Also, for extra motivation, most give you the option to challenge a friend/group or… Read more

Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training is a method of training that combines resistance training with aerobic training. This type of training provides an increase in muscular strength and endurance along with an increase in aerobic fitness. An exercise “circuit” is a set of resistance exercises done one after the other in relatively rapid succession. When one circuit is… Read more

Healthy Weight Loss Guidelines

Healthy weight loss programs should help men lose weight in ways that promote health and preserve lean body mass (muscle). Unfortunately, most popular diets do not promote health or preserve muscle mass. First, most diets are overly restrictive. They promote restricted eating plans that are not sustainable over the long-term and may also be unhealthy…. Read more

Calorie Counting & Calorie Counter Apps

Calorie Counting Calorie counting has both advantages and disadvantages. Certain health experts highly recommend the practice, while others do not. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of counting calories can help an individual benefit from calorie counting while not necessarily needing the practice on a regular, long-term basis.  Advantages In order to maintain weight over the… Read more

Transverse Abdominal Exercises

Transverse Abdominal Exercises Videos

The transversus abdominis is the deepest abdominal muscle. It sits below the oblique muscles. It acts as an abdominal support belt and plays a major role in maintaining posture. Most abdominal exercises involve the transversus abdominis; however, the transverse abdominal exercises below focus on it in particular. These exercises are excellent for improving core stability… Read more

Oblique Exercises: 14 HD Videos

Oblique Exercises: 14 HD Videos

The oblique muscles are abdominal muscles that run vertically along both sides of the torso. They play a major role in bending and twisting the torso. The oblique exercises below effectively isolate your oblique muscles. Each of the 14 oblique exercises for men are accompanied by HD demonstration videos. Find additional EMG abdominal exercises at… Read more