Articles on Food & Nutrition

Workout Nutrition: Pre and Post Workout

The following article provides details on the optimal workout nutrition for before, during, and after exercise for both aerobic and resistance exercise to help you maximize your aerobic and resistance exercise as well as your post-exercise recovery.   Workout Nutrition for Aerobic Exercise ♦ Aerobic Exercise: Pre Workout Nutrition An individual burns more energy, and… Read more

Protein Supplements and Weight Lifting

One of the most common concerns for anyone new to weight training is whether to supplement their protein intake. Answering this question becomes more difficult because just about everyone you meet believes he’s an expert on protein supplements. This leads to a lot of misinformation and confusion. However, with some key information about daily protein… Read more

Artificial Sweeteners: Health Benefits and Concerns

Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sweeteners used in the place of table sugar to sweeten foods and beverages. The most common artificial sweeteners in the US include aspartame (Nutra-Sweet & Equal), saccharin (Sweet’n Low), and sucralose (Splenda). Stevia (Truvia & PureVia) may also be categorized as an artificial sweetener although it comes from an extract in… Read more

Organic vs. Non Organic Foods

Today, most whole foods are commonly available in two options: organic or nonorganic. When deciding which to choose, there are two main questions to consider: (1) Are organic foods more nutritious? (2) Are organic foods safer?   Are Organic Foods More Nutritious? Despite the widespread perception that organically produced foods are more nutritious than nonorganic… Read more

Pertinent Miscellaneous Topics Related to Men’s Nutrition

Pertinent Miscellaneous Topics Related to Men’s Nutrition The following articles provide information on other pertinent topics related to men’s nutrition. Click the links below to learn more about each individual topic. Red Meat and Health Red Meat: Strategies to Reduce Cancer Causing Effects Chicken vs. Beef Fish: The Healthy Choice? Eggs and Health Organic vs…. Read more

Popular Weight Loss Diets

Popular Weight Loss Diets The following articles provide information on popular weight loss diets, including the pros and cons of each (if any). It is important to remember that most diets work in the short-term but fail miserably in the long-term. The key to achieving a healthy weight and lifestyle is to pursue a diet… Read more

Water: Staying Hydrated

Water: Staying Hydrated Water is the single most important nutrient for the human body. Water helps remove waste products from the body, helps transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, and helps maintain normal body temperature. Proper hydration can also reduce joint pain and improve the appearance of skin.   Everyday, water is lost through… Read more

Sensible Vitamin Supplementation Strategy

Sensible Vitamin Supplementation Strategy The council for responsible nutrition offers the following sensible vitamin supplementation strategy. Notice that only a few vitamin supplements are recommended and they are recommended in relatively small quantities. Larger quantities of vitamin supplements are not necessary and can sometimes even be detrimental to overall health and longevity. Multivitamin A multivitamin… Read more

Popular Weight Loss Diets: Fasting and Cleansing Diets

Diet Type: Fasting or Cleansing Diets Fasting or cleansing diets work by drastically restricting calorie intake (sometimes to as  low as 800 calories per day). These diets also restrict food intake to a very limited selection of certain food groups.   Pros: NONE Cons: While cleansing or fasting diets cause sudden, dramatic weight loss, a vast… Read more