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Lower Ab Exercises & Upper Ab Exercises

Lower Ab Exercises & Upper Ab Exercises

The rectus abdominis is the most visible abdominal muscle group; it is responsible for the six-pack. These muscles play a role in maintaining posture. The rectus abdominis muscles can be broken down into two groups: the lower abdominals and upper abdominals. Below, find EMG’s 17 Lower Ab Exercises and Upper Ab Exercises. Find additional EMG… Read more

Combination Abdominal Exercises: 15 HD Videos

The following exercises are combination abdominal exercises. They work multiple abdominal muscles at the same time. A majority of these exercises add a twisting motion to more basic abdominal exercises. These exercises are more difficult to perform than their more basic counterparts. Find additional EMG abdominal exercises at the following links: Lower and Upper Ab… Read more

Ab Workouts for Men

Ab Workouts for Men

Your abdominal muscles consist of 3 major muscle groups and 4 distinct areas: the upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and transversus abs. Any complete ab workout works all of these abdominal muscle groups. The following basic ab workouts for men consist of four exercises to target these four distinct areas. The more advanced ab routines… Read more

Protein Supplements and Weight Lifting

One of the most common concerns for anyone new to weight training is whether to supplement their protein intake. Answering this question becomes more difficult because just about everyone you meet believes he’s an expert on protein supplements. This leads to a lot of misinformation and confusion. However, with some key information about daily protein… Read more

Diet and Exercise vs. Dieting Alone

Diet and Exercise vs. Dieting Along Conventional wisdom is typically that excessive food intake is the primary cause of obesity. Due to this commonly accepted notion, most people believe that the only way to reduce unwanted body fat is caloric restriction through dieting. However, the best approach is a combination of diet and exercise. Learn… Read more

Resistance Exercise vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Resistance Training vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Similar to testosterone replacement therapy, resistance exercise increases muscle size and strength. Moreover, resistance exercise actually appears to induce greater strength gains than testosterone replacement therapy.1 The reason why resistance exercise induces greater strength gains is due to the fact that testosterone administration alone results in gains in muscle… Read more