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Major Concerns with HGH Therapy: Part 3

Major Concerns with HGH Therapy: Part 3 One major concern with growth hormone therapy is that the most appropriate diagnosing guidelines, dosing levels, and monitoring guidelines for adults with age-related GH deficiency have not been fully established. The study of growth hormone replacement in adults with growth hormone deficiency is a rather new field. Synthetic… Read more

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and the Heart

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and the Heart The Misconception Historically, a major concern about testosterone replacement therapy was that it was potentially harmful to the heart. Testosterone has traditionally been regarded as a hormone that is harmful to the heart.     Why the Misconception? This misconception stems from the belief that testosterone causes heart disease…. Read more

Is HGH Legal?

Is HGH Legal? The laws concerning the use of human growth hormone are confusing as they differ from state to state. However, the underlying theme in each states’ law is the same: to legally possess and use HGH, an individual needs a prescription from a physician who has appropriately diagnosed him with growth hormone deficiency…. Read more

Oral and Inhalable Forms of HGH vs. HGH Injections

Oral and Inhalable Forms of HGH vs. HGH Injections Human growth hormone (HGH) administered via subcutaneous injections is the only effective and FDA approved form of growth hormone. Oral and inhaled formulations are neither effective nor approved by the FDA.(See FDA Approved Growth Hormone Products) Interest in growth hormone therapy exploded following the highly publicized… Read more

FDA Approved HGH Products

FDA Approved HGH Products The following table lists all FDA approved growth hormone products. If you and your physician pursue growth hormone replacement therapy for growth hormone deficiency, ensure that you use an FDA approved product. Note that growth hormone delivered via subcutaneous injection is the only form of growth hormone that has been proven… Read more