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  • High Protein Foods List

    Proteins are made up of amino acids and are used by the body to maintain, repair, and build tissues, including muscles and other organ systems. Stressing a muscle through daily activity, aerobic exercise, or resistance training breaks down its muscle fibers. These muscle fibers must then be repaired. In order for repair to take place, the body must have all the amino acids required to synthesize muscle proteins. Therefore, proper daily protein intake with high protein foods is essential to maintaining a healthy read more
  • High Cholesterol Foods

    The following article provides a list of high cholesterol foods below. But before this list, we discuss what is cholesterol, why it is important and the effect of diet on cholesterol. What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is an organic molecule that is an essential component of many body structures and substances, including fats. Cholesterol is both produced independently by the body and absorbed by the body from foods of animal origins (meats, eggs, butter, cheese). Why Is It Important? Total blood cholesterol read more
  • Elements of Aerobic Exercise

    Before you start any aerobic exercise regimen, consult your physician and take the Exercise Risk Factor Analysis to assess your pre-exercise risks. Once these tasks have been completed, it is essential to learn the elements of a cardiorespiratory workout to properly warm-up and cool-down, which greatly reduces the chance of muscle, joint, and cardiovascular injury.   [the_ad id="15851"]   Aerobic Exercise Elements Each aerobic exercise read more

  • Testosterone Lozenges

    Testosterone Lozenges Transbuccal (oral absorbable) forms of testosterone work by absorption through the mucous membranes of the mouth. A lozenge containing testosterone is placed under the tongue or against the surface of your gums twice daily. The transbuccal system is designed to adhere to the gum or inner check for a 12 hour period, after which time it is replaced.  There is significantly less potential liver toxicity associated with testosterone lozenges than with other oral testosterone forms because it read more
  • What Does Testosterone Do?

    What Does Testosterone Do: Simple Overview When free in the blood stream, testosterone can interact with various cells in the body. These include skeletal muscle cells and fat cells as well as skin, scalp, kidney, prostate, bone and brain cells. In the case of muscle cells, testosterone promotes an increase in the synthesis of two muscle-building proteins. In the case of fat cells, it promotes fat mobilization. It is no surprise that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been shown to read more
  • Oral Testosterone

    Oral preparations of testosterone come in a pill form and are ingested. However, there is currently no oral testosterone form approved by the FDA for use in the United States. Therefore, orally available testosterone has no place in testosterone replacement therapy in the US.  Most oral forms available on the underground market may cause significant liver damage and should be avoided. The reason that this form of testosterone read more
  • Testosterone Implants: Testosterone Pellets

    [the_ad id="15851"] Testosterone implants in the form of small pellets slowly deliver testosterone over the course of three to six months. The testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin by your physician. Imbedded in the fat, the testosterone pellets gradually dissolve over a few months. This testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) administration method gives a slow, steady constant infusion of read more

  • Elite Men’s Guide Health Scorecard

    The Super Seven Health Numbers: Here are seven important health numbers every man needs to know. See your primary care doctor at least once a year and get your numbers. Enter your numbers below to find out where you stand. Also check out, EMG's 7 Health Numbers Every Man Should Know Infographic.   [the_ad id="15851"]   Your Numbers: Cutoff Values Ideal Numbers read more
  • Blood Pressure Chart for Men

    Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of your cardiovascular health.1 Every time you visit your physician, he or she will take your blood pressure. You can also monitor your blood pressure at home with an electronic blood pressure monitor.   What is Blood Pressure? Blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of blood vessels. Elevated blood pressure can read more
  • High Blood Pressure Medications

    High Blood Pressure Medications At some point in the lives of most people, diet, exercise, and good living are not enough to keep blood pressure at “normal,” safe levels. (See Blood Pressure Lifestyle Modifications). At this point, medical therapy for blood pressure can be not only read more