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  • Understanding Glycemic Index

    Understanding the Glycemic Index (GI) As stated in the Carbohydrates section, maintaining stable blood sugar levels is important for maintaining stable energy levels throughout the day and for maintaining a healthy weight. Consuming simple, fast-releasing carbohydrates leads to a rapid elevation in blood sugar levels that is followed by a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels. These read more
  • Understanding Glycemic Load

    Understanding Glycemic Load The glycemic index is a scale by which to measure how fast a certain food will raise blood sugar levels when consumed. Specifically, the glycemic index can be used to tell which foods will rapidly increase blood glucose levels (typically less healthy refined, simple carbohydrate foods) and which foods will not rapidly increase blood glucose levels (typically healthy whole-grain foods, vegetables, or fruits) when consumed. Unfortunately, the glycemic index fails to account for the quantity of carbohydrates in a serving of food. Therefore, the glycemic index read more

  • Common Testosterone Therapy Mistakes to Avoid

    Common Testosterone Replacement Mistakes to Avoid Testosterone replacement therapy for men with clinically low testosterone can potentially improve health and quality of life. However, it is important to watch out for the most common testosterone replacement mistakes. Common Mistakes:  1.     Using Too Much Testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is just that: REPLACEMENT. To achieve optimal results your dosing regimen should be set to return low testosterone levels to normal levels. A testosterone level above normal physiologic levels (generally considered to be between read more
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Follow-Up Care

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Follow-Up Care Why should you continue to follow-up with your physician throughout your course of testosterone replacement therapy?   1.  To check your total testosterone blood levels: When your doctor puts you on an initial testosterone replacement dose, his or her goal is to get your total testosterone blood level to between 500 ng/mL and 1000 ng/mL (See Normal Testosterone Levels). The initial dose does not always get you into this range, read more

  • What Causes Diabetes

    The Causes of Diabetes Answering the question of what causes diabetes is not as simple and straightforward as most people think. Diabetes is a complex and still only partially understood condition. This article will give a general description of the causes of diabetes. For more detailed information, please see your physician or other healthcare professional. What Causes Diabetes Mellitus Type 1? As previously mentioned, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is primarily caused by cells of the immune system attacking the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin (beta cells). This can occur at read more
  • Cholesterol Medications

    Cholesterol Medications The following article provides information on the major classes of cholesterol medications, including statins, selective cholesterol uptake inhibitors, cholesterol binding resins, fibric acid derivatives, and nicotinic acid.   Statins (HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors): Statins are the first line cholesterol medications for treating elevated cholesterol levels. They have the greatest efficacy in lowering LDL cholesterol and are well tolerated. Additionally, multiple trials read more